Gear Up for Middlelands With This Exclusive Playlist From Slander


From DJing spring break parties as fraternity bros to seizing the mainstage at countless festivals, California natives Derek Andersen and Scott Land, best known as trap duo Slander, have captured the bass world by storm. Creators of the anomalous “heaven trap” genre, the duo have constructed a sound that resonates with the soul.

“All we wanna do is make people cry at the trap show,” they explain via Twitter. And that is very likely to happen when the bass-heads take over the Middlelands Arena stage at the first-ever Middlelands next month.

From the commanding bassline in “Dead” and “After All” with YOOKiE to the passionate descant in “Love Again,” Slander seamlessly straddles the balance between raucous heavy-hitters and emotional feelers.

And there’s no better way to prepare for Slander’s performance at the inaugural Middlelands than with their own playlist of hand-selected bangers.

“We are so excited to experience Middlelands for the first time!” say the Slander dudes via email. “Insomniac always takes that extra step to make sure the fan experience is next-level, so we are very curious to see what they have in store for all of us in May. Enjoy these tunes until then!”

Go ahead: Smash that play button now—you know you want to!

Tickets and camping passes for the first-ever Middlelands are available now.

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Author Insomniac Editorial Team