Get Into the Middlelands Spirit With Some Awesome Costume Inspiration

Our highly anticipated medieval rave extravaganza Middlelands is just one month away from its big debut. As we prepare for this Adventure for the Ages together, we hope your tickets, travel arrangements and outfits are squared away.

What’s that? You don’t have a costume yet? No problem! While this may be the first-ever Middlelands, we know you aren’t new to costumes. But hey, we all need a little inspiration to get those creative juices going every now and then.

Look no further, Headliners! We’ve put together a Middlelands-inspired Pinterest board to help kick-start your inner artist and costume designer. From medieval makeup to vintage Renaissance wardrobes, we’ve got you covered.

Where medieval imagination meets modern-day festival culture, Middlelands is taking Headliners back in time to an age of feudal costumes, mythical characters, lords, ladies, paupers, and wenches. The magical world of Middlelands opens a creative space for self-expression and imagination, so we’re expecting your costumes to be extra on-point.

Don’t waste any more time—get to crafting. Middlelands awaits thee all!

Tickets and camping passes for the first-ever Middlelands are available now.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team