Kaskade Has Been With Us Every Step of the Way

EDCLV2016_0618_025629-1355_DVSSince his first appearance at EDC in 2005, Kaskade has become a central figure in the Insomniac family. He consistently plays some of the most talked-about sets at our festivals. He’s also served as somewhat of a resident DJ with us: providing the soundtrack for our feature-length documentary, Under the Electric Sky; putting up his own money for a special surprise Redux set on the Sky Bridge at EDC Las Vegas 2016; and DJing at the wedding of Insomniac Founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella. He also kindly honored the life of mama Irene after her passing with a special set at her memorial in 2015. The beauty and heartfelt emotion he gracefully lays into his music has soundtracked our highest highs and brought us out from under our lowest lows. There are so few top-tier artists whose music and performances can induce such a visceral response.

In addition to his welcomed omnipresence within the Insomniac team, he’s been an essential member of the global electronic community for decades, with a discography that has become part of the dance music DNA. And as we embark on an Adventure for the Ages with the launch of our newest experience, Middlelands, we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to help us create a new type of festival magic. Kaskade is leading the medieval revelry this May, as we guide Headliners on a brand-new journey back to the time of lords, ladies, knights and dragons.

Ahead of his performance at the inaugural Middlelands, we caught up with Kaskade to chat about his plans for the festival, his special relationship with Insomniac, and his deep connection with his fans.

You have a long history and close relationship with Insomniac. Can you talk about how it feels to join us as we start a new adventure with Middlelands?
Any time I play an Insomniac event, it’s like meeting up with a childhood friend. We’ve come up together; we know how to make all the pieces fit together. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Insomniac team has dreamt up for the newest adventure, and I look forward to throwing my own spin on it as well. 

Read our full interview with Kaskade over at Insomniac.com. 

Tickets and camping passes for the first-ever Middlelands are available now.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team