Bro Safari and His Voracious Appetite for Harmonics-Enriched Bangers

Bro-Safari-700x430Nick Weiller launched his Bro Safari project in 2008 as an outlet to explore chopped-up riddims, breakbeat pressure, and other tricks of tempo. His open-floor-plan approach soon encompassed the mechanized drops of dubstep, synapse-rattling 808s of trap, and quick fills of moombahton—threaded together by dramatic builds, dank melodies, and wonky low-end.

Over the years, technology has transitioned from samplers to multiple instances of digital judder, but Weiller’s appetite for the sonic fringes is no less voracious. His pitch-bent sound design has established him as a forward-thinking producer of cathartic, harmonics-enriched bangers, while his dynamic sets have made him a North American mainstage mainstay.

In anticipation of his appearance at May’s Middlelands festival, being held at the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds, the veteran bass peddler took an hour to talk with Insomniac about taming the alchemy of production, the forging of a set, and his place in the EDM realm.

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Tickets for Middlelands are available now.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team