Bellytimber & Cider: 10 Foods We’d Like to See at Middlelands

Long days and nights of festivaling and dancing can be balanced out only by dank munchies, and Middlelands will have plenty of delicious bellytimber and cider, aka food and drink, to offer Headliners. The venue is a slice of living history and heaven, offering revelers a year-round cornucopia of treats inspired by the Renaissance period and beyond. In anticipation of all the good eats, we put together a wish list of some of the foods and drinks we hope to see on the Middlelands menu.

Turkey Legs With Lights

The turkey leg is one of the most iconic Renaissance-themed foods, and while this probably should be reserved for a post-dancing meal, its portability makes it the perfect treat for exploring the grounds and watching the lights do their thing.

A Kandi Horn of Ale


Can you think of a way to look any more authentic than to drink dark ale from the horn of an animal? Bring a little rave into the equation by adorning your (hopefully faux) horn in kandi.

Bass Bin Bangers & Mash

Looking to fuel up for a night of throwin’ bows and head-bangin’ to some bass-heavy beats? Try this epic combo of mashed potatoes and sausage. Just don’t bring it on the dancefloor; no one wants a face full of mash.

Laser Links 


Anyone who’s walked out of a club at 2am knows the joy of a freshly grilled hot dog. There’s no better way to cure those late-night munchies than with a manner of links.


Nothing says PLUR like a bag of potatoes topped with cheese curds, gravy and, if you wish, pulled pork. But please don’t forget to share the love with your crew and grab a few extra forks.

Rave Is King Cola


Caffeine is a vital part of any long night out, and the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds have you locked up with their very own King’s Cola. If it’s something stronger ye wish to partake in, Middlelands will have plenty of options to quench the thirst of revelers who are of age.

Twerkin’ Onion

This fried and crispy plate of deliciousness is guaranteed to give you dragon breath for several hours after eating it, but every minute is worth it. If you’re camping on-site and hope to meet a beautiful maiden or dashing knight, it may be a good idea to take a hike back to your camp and brush your teeth.

Friendly Fried Foods (on a Stick)

It’s been said that there just aren’t enough meats on sticks. Carry around a plethora of other fried and roasted delights with you as you explore the festival. Food on a stick is the ultimate festival food. It’s portable, plus it’s attached and secured, so when you bring it on the dancefloor, there’s no chance of anyone knocking it over.

It’s Lit Pizza 

Let’s get one thing clear: All pizza is lit, and after getting down on the dancefloor, a cheesy slice of wood-fired goodness is the perfect way to cap off a night. It’s also great as a mid-rave snack. Or for breakfast. Or for dinner. OK, pizza is awesome and great any time.

Showing Love for the Veggies 


Yes, the Renaissance period is seemingly a utopia for meat lovers, but one of the best things about Middlelands is that it’s all-inclusive. As such, there will be plenty of treats for our non-meat-eating Headliners, or for those just looking for a healthier option. Vegetable lovers: You will not be left out.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team