Bring the Party as an Official Middlelands Sound Camp

If you’ve ever felt like you and your crew could bring the noise like the artists on the mainstage, the Sound Camps at Middlelands are your chance to prove it. Among the wide array of camping options at the inaugural Middlelands next year is the opportunity to create your very own Sound Camp. We’re giving the Middlelands campground a life of its own and putting you Headliners in charge of the vibes at the Sound Camps.


What Is a Sound Camp?

First of all, Sound Camps are more than just a sound system and some decks. Sound Camps are designated, pre-approved campsites with permission to bring large-format sound systems to their assigned locations and play music aloud during certain hours of the festival. Sound Camps are designated to a specific area of the campground, by the after-hours party location, and it is highly suggested that they follow a specific aesthetic, theme or motif. Sound level limits will be imposed in consideration of other camping areas. Sound Camps can bring their own sound system or inquire about rentals, and options will also be available to help you further enhance your Sound Camp. Headliners are encouraged to hop around the various Sound Camps produced by fellow festivalgoers for a taste of some homegrown party vibes.


Why Should You Participate in Sound Camps?

Like any other Insomniac and C3 Presents festivals, Middlelands is all about the experience, and we’re giving Headliners the chance to enhance the audio journey for everyone via Sound Camps.

We want you to design a space that creates a buzz around the campground and welcomes festivalgoers to your dancefloor. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with your fellow Headliners, get crafty and bring your Sound Camp to life. Plus, Sound Camps are a fun way to contribute to the festival community and introduce your crew to a whole new audience and meet new friends. You’re in charge of the tunes at your Sound Camp, where you can create your own lineup and support your DJ friends and family.

How Do I Arrange My Own Sound Camp?

To participate, head over to the Group Camping registration and read the additional vehicle guidelines. Each Sound Camp will need a Group Leader who will be in charge of contacting the Middlelands group camping department at This Group Leader should be the only contact person for your group and will be responsible for coordinating all communication with the rest of the group. Please do not have more than one person per camp contact us.

gatheryourcrewandbringthepartyasanofficialmiddlelandssoundcamp_610x812_WEBThen, one of our Group Camping Coordinators will send you an application to fill out and Sound Policy to sign and return. Once your application is reviewed and approved, your Group Leader will receive a unique link to purchase passes for your Group Camp. It is the Leader’s responsibility to distribute this link to the members who will be purchasing the campsite.

You must purchase six (6) campsites within 72 hours to confirm your Group Camp spot. Once your Group Camp is confirmed with six (6) or more campsites, the Group Leader will receive a confirmation, the parking passes and more info. The Group Leader is responsible for distributing these passes to the rest of the vehicle drivers. The Group Leader will also receive one (1) complimentary Early Arrival pass. All others wishing to arrive early—Wednesday, May 3, 2017—must purchase additional Early Arrival passes per vehicle.

What If I Already Purchased My Camping Pass?

If you already purchased other camping passes and want to join a group, you will have to contact Front Gate Tickets. Please purchase the Group Pass using your desired group’s unique link. Once this purchase is confirmed, you can receive a refund for the original camping pass you purchased.

What Do I Need to Know About the Sound Camp Sites?

The six (6) 15×30-foot spots will be in a 45×60-foot formation, not all in a straight row. Additional campsites will be added in a similar fashion. You are free to arrange your vehicles and campsite however you like within your space!

RVs are allowed at Sound Camp sites, and we highly recommend all camps be self-sufficient. Group Leaders must specify how many RVs your group is bringing in your initial Group Camping application, and it is subject to approval. Remember: The more vehicles you bring, the less space you will have to camp!

All Group Leaders must agree to arrive early—Wednesday, May 3, 2017—to set up camp and get a lay of the land for your group.

If you think you are up for the challenge, drop on by the Sound Camps section and start planning now. Poke around to learn more about other camping options, and check out the camping map for more info.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team