A Brief History of the Middlelands Venue

Insomniac’s announcement of a partnership with C3 Presents — the minds behind Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits — came through with little more than a flyer image and a promise that “An Adventure for the Ages awaits.” As planning for this legendary journey continues, let’s take a dive into the history of our destined location: the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds, the largest, most elaborate venue of its kind in the US.

As you cross through the Royal Gates, prepare to be carried away to a magical realm that stretches out across 60 acres of themed villages, wooded enclaves, and period architecture that is true to the style of the 16th century. A walk through the grounds is like a journey back in time, surrounded by lords, ladies, wenches and paupers, all completely in character and speaking in the language of the Middle Ages.


As you venture deeper into the festival, you will happen upon Sherwood Forest, one of the many villages inside the venue set deep in the woods and dotted with rides and games for children of all ages. Upon further exploration, you may find yourself at one of the many on-site wedding chapels: the Water Garden, the Magic Garden, the Roman Basilica, the Chapel, the Rose Garden, and the English Garden. All are elaborately landscaped and themed to keep you fully immersed in this incredible dream world.

The Texas Renaissance Festival has grown over the years to house several large performance arenas that will undoubtedly be put to good use during Middlelands. The Odeon is a spectacular Greco-Roman revival stage meant to host a legion of performance groups regularly found at the festival. And the Arena is the venue’s answer to the Roman Coliseum.


With the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Ground as Middlelands’ backdrop, Insomniac and C3 are passionately constructing an extraordinary realm of magic and revelry. Stay tuned as we continue to reveal details, open up ticket sales, and clue you in on the spectacular surprises we have in store for the debut of Middlelands.




Author Insomniac Editorial Team