Camping at Middlelands Is Going to Be Crazy Good

Details about Middlelands, Insomniac’s newest festival brand in collaboration with C3 Presents (the minds behind Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits), are scarce as of now. What we can say at this time is that the one-of-a kind music and camping festival takes place next spring in Todd Mission, Texas. The tiny city has a population of only 107 and is home to the Texas Renaissance Festival—you may do with that information what you will.

camping-450x1881Yes, Middlelands is a camping festival. Whether you decide to roll in with a group of pals, decorate your campsite with a theme, or even turn it up to 10 with a Sound Camp, camping at Middlelands will be more affordable and more unique than any other festival camping experience you’ve ever had. There are even turnkey options that require nothing more than for you to show up, ready to be pampered.

Conqueror’s Court will be the main hub of your camping experience, providing a central meeting spot and location for all Middlelands events happening outside of festival hours. Complete with a communal bonfire (because no camping trip is complete without one), Conqueror’s Court will feature 24-hour food trucks to cure those late-night snack attacks, a farmers’ market, a beauty lab, arts & crafts, and much more to be announced soon.

Another highlight in the campground will be the Enchanted Forest, a magical walking path among trees that will be set aglow at nightfall. The Enchanted Forest will be full of art installations and places to chill out and relax, but it’s also home to a special camping welcome party that’s happening on Thursday night and is exclusive for campers only.

The best part about Conqueror’s Court, the Enchanted Forest, and the campground in general is that all festival pass-holders (including non-campers) will have access to the area once gates open on Friday. So, even if you aren’t camping on-site, you can still visit your friends and make new ones.

There are multiple camping categories to choose from: “Fellowship Field” is our general camping option and gets you a campsite built for two but can hold up to five campers and one vehicle. Camping at “Arbor Lane” offers the added benefit of shaded camping in rows, and if you plan on sleeping past 9am, you know how important it is to have shade. If a tent isn’t your thing, you can load up the RV and take advantage of “The Wheelhouse” option located inside the general camping area. Our “In the Forest” experience takes you farther into the woods, where you get plenty of shade and closer access to Conqueror’s Court and the Enchanted Forest. “Preferred Camping” is the closest to the festival entrance than any other campsite; you also get early access to the campground so you can pick the best spot, which means less time walking to your campsite. Plus, these Preferred campsites are larger and offer better showers and air-conditioned restrooms. For our Headliners not looking to rage all night after a day of merrymaking at Middlelands (we totally get it—respect!) our “Quiet” camping experience will be located in a segregated area of Fellowship Field and will offer you some peace and quiet.

In addition to the categories above, Middlelands will offer “Group” and “Sound” camp experiences. If you plan on bringing your whole crew along with you, then you want to go for Group Camping, located in a unique wooded area close to Conqueror’s Court and the festival entrance. Group Camps will consist of at least 19 people on a reserved campsite. If you are really looking to level up on the experience, try your hand at organizing a Sound Camp. That’s right, bring your decks and sound systems with you, and create your own party within the party.

As you can tell by now, camping is a big part of your Middlelands experience. As such, we highly encourage all Headliners to tap into their crafty and creative selves and come up with a theme for your campsites. It’s not only a great way for you to express your unique creativity, it’s also something that everyone in attendance can enjoy—the only limit is your imagination.

If your idea of camping is bringing all the creature comforts of home along with you, then look no further than one of our many Premier Camping experiences. All premier campsites are set up ahead of time, so all you have to do is bring yourself and what you plan to wear. Regardless of whether you decide to go for a two-person tent with an air mattress, Middlelands-branded sleeping bags that you get to keep, or a cabin with real beds and linens, all Premier Campers will have access to phone charging stations, an upgraded shower compound, air-conditioned restrooms, a dedicated lane into the campground, your own entrance to the festival, cash bar, food delivery service, free wi-fi in the lounge, and a 24-hour snack station. While all other camping areas are open to all ticket holders, Premier campsites will be off limits to all but campers with those wristbands.

Finally, our Ultimate Camping experience drops the mic on all other options. Whether you choose a custom rock-star tour bus, a Hollywood Star Waggon, or a luxury RV, our on-site hosts can design and fully outfit a custom compound with private chefs, bartenders, free massages, and concierge service—to name but a few options. For those interested in taking advantage of this experience, please contact our Ultimate Camping host for further details:

These are just the first of many details that we plan to reveal about Middlelands. An Adventure for the Ages awaits!

Author Insomniac Editorial Team